4Ton Truck

Selsaac Removals services a company and rental services within Johannesburg working across the country along side .,..with truck hire and rental services for individuals and business use.

Our promise to our customers is that we are reliable in handling goods and furniture, we also would like to keep appointments in order to move you as quickly as possible without delay in order to allow you time to do more important things in your life.

The removals services have been in operation for over 10 years and above all we specialize in high quality assurance policy which as a result it helps us with putting smiles on Our customer’s faces.

The business has a highly motivated and competent team that indeed has been providing the greatest service with affordable truck hire and rental rates.

Our company consists of a panel of partners who are in transportation like us and we outsource jobs that we cannot take on to them but still manage the transportation process to ensure your peace of mind and future business.

So, in conclusion we also empathize, when necessary, with our regular customers because they forever use our services for instance, we give them discounts when needed we can also outsource storage facilities and any types and sizes of trucks and van

8 Ton Truck
8ton Removal Truck
cleaning services
Cleaning Services

We supply:

       – boxes (all sizes)

       – Bubble wrap roll (half & full)

       – Clear sellotape (small & big)  

       – Moving blankets to cover sensitive items

       – Storage facilities

Moving Material